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The Dreamingly Gloomy Photography of Maya BeanoI’m not the... crss


The Dreamingly Gloomy Photography of Maya Beano

I’m not the hugest fan of Flickr’s, but one of the best things I’ve been able to get out of that site is discovering the photography of Cambridge, UK’s Maya Beano. I remember coming across one of her photos in a group on Flickr and being completely taken aback by the beauty, raw emotion, and gloomy feel to the image. Since then, I’ve been a huge fan of her work, and am consistently amazed by her talent.

Drawing on themes of “loss, memory, and nostalgia,” Maya’s aim with her photography is “to transform surreal moments in nature into visual narratives,” according to Beano. Using her own feelings as her main source of inspiration, her photos are an amalgamation of darkness, landscapes, portraits, and an endless array of emotion that provide her audience with an image that conveys beauty, and a doorway into Beano’s mental state (potentially ours as well). Maya’s work is exclusively shot using film, which further adds to the grittiness and rawness of her images.

Aside from creating beautiful works of photography, Maya also works as a scientist in oncology, but still is able to find time to devote towards her photography projects. I can always appreciate when talented individuals are doing other things aside from being awesome artists. It’s a reminder that we can also make great art, even if we aren’t/can’t get paid to do so.

For more of Maya’s work, check out her website, Instagram, on here @mayabeano, and Flickr. Additionally, keep a look out for available prints to purchase from her sometime at the beginning of the new year. Stay weird, folks.

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