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Ceramic Sculptures by Johnson TsangJohnson Tsang  is a sculptor... crss


Ceramic Sculptures by Johnson Tsang

Johnson Tsang  is a sculptor based in Hong Kong who focuses on ceramics, stainless steel sculptures and public art project.

Tsang has said that he tries to express human nature in his artwork, and to do so he employs realist sculptural techniques complemented by surrealist imaginations. He also integrates two elements, “human beings” and “objects,” into creative themes.

Tsang is known for his masterful creations in porcelain, but also focuses on stainless steel sculptures and public artworks. He loves to capture the beauty of versatile splashes with his works. Tsang has received numerous awards, including The Secretary for Home Affairs’ Commendation from the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2009 for outstanding achievements in international art events. 

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