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“Broken but open” by Jericho hi, i’m a 20-year-old design... crss


Broken but open” by Jericho

hi, i’m a 20-year-old design student from Italy. i’m starting to scan and paint all the illustrations from my moleskine and this is the last one. they’re all pretty much personal. hope you can relate… the motto is humans before everything else.

you can find me on facebook here or on my art blog here on tumblr.

have a nice everything, everyone…


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The Amazing Air BonsaiThe amazing Air Bonsai seems like magic.... crss


The Amazing Air Bonsai

The amazing Air Bonsai seems like magic. Air bonsai by Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden is being offered through kickstarter. Air Bonsai consists of an energy base and a “little star” that includes a sponge for easy planting of a bonsai tree. The bonsai floats serenely above the base silently, like a botanic meditation. Check out the kickstarter for more information. Thanks to Prosthetic Knowledge.  

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The Soft, Memory-Laden Oil Paintings of  Joshua Flint The oil... crss


The Soft, Memory-Laden Oil Paintings of  Joshua Flint 

The oil paintings of Joshua Flint look like depictions of memories when one tries too hard to access the faded thoughts—worn corners, blurred faces, and transposed scenes that don’t quite make sense. Each work has a familiar element that seems to be cast in a dark and foreboding haze like Sandcastles, a dark painting that disguises whether the included children are building or destroying the miniature city that lies before them.“There is a dynamic interplay between experience and interpretation,” says Flint about his work. “What is remembered isn’t necessarily descriptive of the actual event. Once the experience has passed through our emotional filter we assign meaning to it, changing the actualities. My paintings explore that place in-between a direct translation and the abstract of emotion.”

Flint has a current exhibition titled “The World Between” at Sumter County Gallery of Art in Sumter, South Carolina which continues until January 8, 2016. You can see more of his oil paintings and in-process sketches on his Instagram here.

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James FennerThe visions of US illustrator James Fenner offer... crss


James Fenner

The visions of US illustrator James Fenner offer glimpses into a world harboring lost kids, cunning animal spirits and ghost-like figures drifting through the night sky. Many of his works combine evocative, layered colors with abstract signs and symbols. A feeling of stillness and longing merges with a slightly menacing atmosphere. Not all can be trusted here.

James usually starts off with pencil and paper, then takes his illustrations to the next level with digital means. However, with his clever use of textures and painterly brushwork he manages to evoke the impression of a long lost children’s book rather than that of a polished, modern world.

Keep up with James on his Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram

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