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Botanical Art by Marie BurkeMarie Burke is a watercolour artist... crss


Botanical Art by Marie Burke

Marie Burke is a watercolour artist who paints largescale botanical subjects and exhibits widely, including taking part in shows at the Royal Watercolour Society, London, The Botanical Society, Westminster and in the Cork Street Gallery, London, amongst many others. Her Etsy shop and Facebook.

My paintings are botanically accurate, this is very important as it is a passing of time over which I have complete control in an otherwise chaotic and unpredictable world. In executing my work I introduce periods of stillness into my daily life which allows me the space for reflection. When people see my work, I would like them to be able to experience this momentary suspension from reality and tap into a little of the awe and wonder that the natural world offers.

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us.

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Ida Lupino, the trailblazing actress/screenwriter/director...


Ida Lupino, the trailblazing actress/screenwriter/director formed her own production company in 1949 called Emerald Productions where she made films that took on controversial themes from rape to bigamy to the struggles of unwed mothers. Between her work on tv and film she had over 40 director credits - quite a feat for a woman who was born in 1918.

Ron English: Mash-up Iconoclast Ron English (born 1959) is an... crss


Ron English: Mash-up Iconoclast

Ron English (born 1959) is an American contemporary artist who explores popular brand imagery & advertising. His signature style employs a mash-up of high & low cultural touchstones. He is one of the most prolific & recognizable artists alive today, bombing the global landscape with unforgettable images. Ron implores us to re-evaluate what we see & succumb to it no more.

The new documentary The Art & Crimes of Ron English, directed by Pedro Carvajal is an engaging look into the life & art of the “billboard bandit” that will inspire & activate.

More Ron English: Facebook / Twitter / Shop

Cross Connect is loud, remixed & in your Facebook.

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