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PALMA in Mexico City, moves along for the  2018 World Design... crss


PALMA in Mexico City, moves along for the  2018 World Design Capital

‘‘Emerging architecture studio PALMA are the minds behind the intricate plastic flooring, in collaboration with Eugenio Rebolleda. Archivo Gallery will play host to a major three-part exhibition entitled ‘mexico design city’ over the next two years. divided into three parts, the exhibition will excavate the past, present and future of design in the mexican capital, beginning with the present: ‘mexico design city — present (MXCD01)’.

The 30 artists exhibiting as part of the event will be divided into three distinct groups: ‘informal inventives’, the techno-pirates and aesthetic shakers who turn to appropriation and reuse as a strategy of of creative dissent; ‘new craftsmanship’, the new-wave creators embracing small scale traditional production methods; and ‘beyond function’, comprised of designers who put process over product. (via DesignBoom)’’

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