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Visual Artist: Andy KittmerAndy Kittmer is a self-taught artist... crss


DCVI grad Andy Kittmer stands next to one of his works that was recently on display at Toronto’s The Artist Project, where he has exhibited for the past two years.

Visual Artist: Andy Kittmer

Andy Kittmer is a self-taught artist from the small town of St. Marys, Ontario, Canada. He has always been inspired by comics such as “Spawn” and in growing up got into graffiti and started to get some interest in it from potential buyers, at which time he turned to doing them on canvas. After that, he began to dabble with all sorts of different mediums. 

He has now come full circle back to where it started and is doing a mixture of all the things learned along the way. His artwork fuses Illustration, with the colors of the graffiti and automotive world. 

Twitter: @aKittimer 

Instagram: @neonhillbilly

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