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The Element Collection By Jacob BannonI have been a huge fan of... crss


The Element Collection By Jacob Bannon

I have been a huge fan of Jacob Bannon’s work for quite some time. In fact, one of my favorite prints that I own is a Jacob Bannon Print (thanks @jazzygingery). To me, Bannon is one of those artists that is masterful at everything he tries his hand at, whether it be music (Converge), writing, his record label, or his artwork. Dude is just a freaking beast. 

 Crediting the paintings of his father, the artwork of skateboard, bmx, and metal music cultures, Bannon creates mixed media prints that are beautiful, chaotic, gritty, raw, powerful, and just overall a joy to take in. Whenever he releases new prints, I get sucked into them. His prints exude so much emotion through their imagery, colors, texture, etc, and The Element Collection does not fail in that regard. 

For more of Jacob Bannon’s work, take a look at his website. If for some reason you’ve never listened to Converge, do yourself a favor and go listen to Jane Doe

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