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Paintings by Jen Lobo Jen Lobo is an American illustrator and... crss


Paintings by Jen Lobo

Jen Lobo is an American illustrator and painter born in 1980.

…In my work, I really like to take the violence out of the situation and show the action of a volatile situation in a very peaceful way. Although the sky is stormy, the ocean is somewhat still and the waves have a sort of ribbon-like aspect to them. I like the idea of retelling these antiquated stories and putting some sort of new spin on them. I also only like the essential elements to be in the composition. 

I want the paintings to be as simple as possible with only the necessary details. I am inspired a lot by old natural history texts and illustrations. I really love scientific theories that have long ago been discarded and early accounts of exploration. I want my work to have an element of antiquity presented in a modern light. 

Jen currently living on a small farm on Sauvie Island in Portland, Ore.

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