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Hyper Realistic Paintings by Young-Sung KimKorean artist... crss


Hyper Realistic Paintings by Young-Sung Kim

Korean artist Young-Sung Kim was born in Seoul in 1973 and graduated from Department of Painting, College of Fine Art, Hongik University.

Through his paintings, Young Sung Kim visually critiques the level at which we place “value” on objects both commercially and ethically. Kim uses contrasting subject matter to illustrate the distinction between the living and the material. It seems that as a society our ideas of how something is valued are intrinsically rooted in commerce. Kim seeks for the viewer to question the meaning and “value” of living creatures in our modern society.

Artist concentrates his exploration of life on small creatures such as snails, frogs, and goldfish. He paints these species resting on man-made objects such as cutlery and glassware. Stay up to date with his work by following him on Twitter.

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