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Collages by Deborah Stevenson Deborah Stevenson was born in... crss


Collages by Deborah Stevenson

Deborah Stevenson was born in Washington, DC. She grew up in Tokyo, went to high school in Baltimore, and got her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in NY.  

I began working in paper collage in 2010. I mix classical with commercial/quotidian imagery, with the intent of creating provocative juxtapositions exploring concepts of power, the Feminine, and the mysterious. The collage pieces arise in an “automatic” way, presenting themselves spontaneously as I mix and move the pictures around on the table in front of me.  There is no specific “goal” or intent when I begin - it’s more as though I am letting the images find each other, and facilitating their communion when they “speak” to each other.  

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