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Submission from Steve CobbinHi, I’m Steve Cobbin.I used to be a... crss


Submission from Steve Cobbin

Hi, I’m Steve Cobbin.

I used to be a full time science teacher, working with 11—16 year olds for 25 years. Then illness caused a drastic rethink.
Now I still work with youngsters on a part time basis but my lifelong interest in art has been reborn.
I have always had a love of wild places, mountains, moorlands, rivers and the sea. I love exploring on foot and on my bike, recording those special magical places where atmosphere and visual beauty combine to produce something special. Tourist traps, mountain peaks or secluded woodland clearings, character and atmosphere are everything.
Recently I have concentrated on my local area—the Somerset Levels and the Mendips, while taking occasional trips to Dartmoor and Wales.
I attempt to convey the mood of a place by the use of vivid colour, stark contrast and exaggerated lighting while remaining honest and exact in detail.

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