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Junya Ishigami - Tables for a restaurant, Yamaguchi 2008. An...


Junya Ishigami - Tables for a restaurant, Yamaguchi 2008. An early project out of Ishigami’s office that signaled his interest in the perceivable scales of architectural space. The client for this restaurant project wished to seat 5 pairs of people (10 total) privately within a small existing space. Rather than cordon off the room with walls to create these separations, the furniture itself is designed as a series of small structures to generate a spatial configuration. Each table is over-sized for just two people, and features a carefully selected and placed array of potted plants located in the areas adjacent to the areas for table settings. While large in plan, these tables are built at only 4.5mm thick at the top, ensuring they do not overburden the space. By not just becoming objects in space, but rather generating the space themselves, the furniture becomes a micro-architecture; a planning exercise at the scale of a room, a garden at the scale of a table top, a study in the threshold of tectonic borders.  

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