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The Ethereal Art of Daria EndresenDaria Endresen is a young and... crss


The Ethereal Art of Daria Endresen

Daria Endresen is a young and talented artist making her way between Norway and France. Photographer, model, and muse by turns, her passion for music and art is at the heart of this promising young artist.

She mentions Hans Memling and Albrecht Dürer as her inspiration, and a single glance at her work conjures up the alien women of Petrus Christus and the minimalist strength of Van der Weyden. The light, inherited of the Flemish painting, is soft yet almost oppressive and covers the models with the melancholy of dust and the majesty of powder.

You can find more about Daria and her inspiring projects here

You need the art in order to love the life. We guarantee you that!

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