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“Our Lady of the Salvage Yard”  Work by Artist Amy FlemingAmy... crss


“Our Lady of the Salvage Yard”  Work by Artist Amy Fleming

Amy Fleming has combined screen printing and collage for her “Our Lady of the Salvage Yard” Series. All of these Patron Saints are ultra helpful in case of emergencies.  Described as:

Our Lady of the Salvage Yard is a patron saint for everyone who works with discards, machinery, and anything else that can be recovered and used again. She has a halo of transmissions and a crown of headlights. Her golden collar is made from radiators and disc brakes, and she often appears with the tools of her trade. Amy Fleming

Amy Fleming teaches printmaking at Florida State University.  She also creates installation art, dioramas, and assemblages. Thanks to buysomedamnart.com!

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