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Hello! My name is Asya Lisina and I am an illustrator. I... crss


Hello! My name is Asya Lisina and I am an illustrator. 

I graduated from the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts (MAHL RAH),which is a leading institution of my profile in Russia and Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK),recognized as the best cinematic institution of higher education in Russia.  I live in a little village in Russian woods with two dogs, a cat and a spiny mouse.I like food, pigs, silly jokes and watercolor, but I’m able to work in different techniques.I work quickly and efficiently, I’ve never heard about “lack of inspiration”,I am able to solve different problems, to work on each project with love and interest.Also I am a co-founder of a small studio named DeerFoxBureau and my works are represented on the website of the best design agency in Russia Art. Lebedev Studio| Instagram

Thank you for your great submission Asya    Submit here


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