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Hannah Siegfried is a photographer from the United States. She... crss


Hannah Siegfried is a photographer from the United States. 

She experimented with photography for several years before pursuing it seriously in 2012 while she was attending college. Hannah’s art style incorporates different aesthetics from different decades into dreamy and nostalgic scenes.

“I was always a creative person, but I think what really pushed me to start taking photographs seriously was just being inspired! I was constantly inspired by images I saw on Tumblr or in my art history classes in school, and I wanted to have an outlet and express my vision as well. Once I figured out a few basics with the camera I was suddenly hit with a rush of creativity and I’ve just been rolling with it since. Making art is important to me now simply because it makes me happy. When I create something that truly fits my vision that feeling is the best thing in the world to me. And as a woman I feel like it is important for me to follow my path and help make the art world a space for all women to express themselves freely.”

Some of Hannah’s creative inspirations include Barbara Kasten, Rihanna, and Raoul Dufy. She’s also inspired by the art of Charlotte Rutherford, Terrell Davis, Anna Fearon, Hannah Black, and Caroline Jacobson.

You can support Hannah by following her here on Tumblr, liking her photos on Instagram, and shopping in her store.

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