domingo, outubro 26, 2014

29 Examples Of Accidental Optical Illusions That Are Just Plain Amazing

1.) Pure elbow grease while cleaning your car.

2.) She doesn't look very happy.

3.) Wait, so who's holding umbrella?

4.) Which way is up?! This makes my head hurt.

5.) I wish I knew what was going on here.

6.) The carpet of optical illusions.

7.) The oldest baby I've ever seen.

8.) The "indoor" airport. Looks stormy out there.

9.) I'm not sure I believe in reality anymore. What is going on here?

10.) That guy looks very good in his bridal dress.

11.) Ah! It's a centaur girl cooking dinner.

12.) He looks like the world's tiniest soccer player.

13.) Someone get this kid a basketball.

14.) Make sure to look twice at this one.

15.) The old baby strikes again.

16.) The mysterious floating island, that's no actually floating.

17.) "So this is what it feels like to be a dog stuck in traffic."

18.) The mysterious two-headed goat that's also an optical illusion.

19.) That little girl must work out.

20.) Why is that guy holding a camel's head?! Oh right, optical illusion. Duh.

21.) So are they tied for first place? I'm not sure.

22.) She must be a giant.

23.) This one would seriously freak me out if I saw it in real life.

24.) Wait a minute....Very clever kid.

25.) Attack of the mega pigeon.

26.) I don't think those shoes go with his shirt.

27.) Looks like she has a tiny man riding on her back.

28.) "Where did my bike tire go? Oh that's right."

29.) Watch out! The pirates are attacking. Or wait...nah never mind, it's just a kite.

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