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The Eclectic Work of Mexican Artist Gabriel OrozcoGabriel Orozco... crss


The Eclectic Work of Mexican Artist Gabriel Orozco

Gabriel Orozco in an interview for Bomb Magazine:

“One thing that I’ve had to learn as an artist—considering how everything that I had learned about what art should be and what art was, and what an artist should be like (disciplined, following the love of the craft)—was that this didn’t work for me. Suddenly I had to take all of these notions apart, because they weren’t mine, they weren’t enough for me; they bored me and threw me into despair. It was a system that really didn’t work for me.

Realizing this gave me a very different vision; I think it has repercussions in the way in which my pieces started to turn out, because I understood at last that my urgent struggle was to find something that was not art.”

Gabriel Orozco doesn’t appear to have an official web presence.  See the website for the Moderna Museet In Stockholm, Sweden for more information and work by Gabriel Orozco.

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