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The Visceral Photography of  Li HuiA self-taught photographer... crss


The Visceral Photography of  Li Hui

A self-taught photographer from China, Li Hui has been making photos since 2009. Focusing on “youth, nature, and intimate things,” according to Hui, she draws on inspiration from coming-of-age movies and ambient music. Additionally, Hui states, “I am also inspired by my natural surroundings, such as the patterns of a flower, the shape of trees after a strong wind, thick clouds in the sky before a storm, the rain hitting the ground, the sun and the way it’s rays shine on my hand and the palm of my hand becomes transparent.”

Hui has been featured in numerous international publications, including Lomography, Union Magazine, and Doom Gallery. Li’s work was also recently featured on Booooooom, deservedly so, which you should definitely take a look at. She is currently working on her second self-published book, which will be released in 2017. Furthermore, She’s currently working on putting together a solo exhibition, which opens in two months in her home country of China.

Viewing her photos, for me, is almost like a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Her photos can be hauntingly beautiful, at times stirring emotions that one might not necessarily expect to be affected in such a manner. Nevertheless, I really enjoy her work, and it’s clear that her vision and artistry is allowing her to shine and grow as a talented photographer.

For more of Li’s work, follow her on here @huiuh, on Instagram @huiuh_, and check out her website.

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