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Illustrations by Jade Mere Jade Mere is a freelance... crss


Illustrations by Jade Mere

Jade Mere is a freelance illustrator from Seattle, USA.

I’ve found inspiration in all the common places: watching an epic film, listening to a song as images flash in my head, reading a fantastic book, taking a walk in the woods or along the ocean. I never have a lack of ideas. 

Most of my ideas pop into my head when I’m taking walks and listening to music. I’ll quickly scribble down the idea, and then turn it into a thumbnail. A few weeks later, if the idea still excites me and if I’m able to get a pleasing composition out of it, I’ll make it into a full illustration. I would say that only one out of every twenty ideas makes it into Photoshop and is rendered out.

Now, instead of keeping a physical sketchbook, I keep a digital one. Every morning I start with a warm up sketch, 10-50 minute paintings where I try to get a concept down. 

* Read full article in issue 124 of 2dartist.  

For more of Jade’s work, please visit her portfolio at ArtStation

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