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Gregg Segal’s Work Helping Us Understand Consumption and... crss


Gregg Segal’s Work Helping Us Understand Consumption and Waste

Photographer Gregg Segal is taking on a new project that documents what children eat in a week. He is an amazing photographer who has previously photographed the garbage people threw away in a week.  Put side by side these photos show the link between consumption and waste.  Gregg has a kickstarter to make this project a reality.  Gregg says of his project,

It’s about connecting, sharing information, learning from one another and taking responsibility. Together we’ll stir the pot using ingredients that don’t end up in a landfill. Together we can move the needle on diet, consumption and waste.

See more of Gregg Segal’s work on our previous post and his Instagram page.  Make sure and support his Kickstarter to make this important project a reality!

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