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59 Parks Prints Series: A Collection of Amazing Artists... crss


59 Parks Prints Series: A Collection of Amazing Artists Celebrating the 59 National Parks

Two things that make me really happy-National Parks and silk-screened art prints-are finding themselves coming together in a beautiful print series put out by The National Poster Retrospecticus as part of the 59 Park Print Series, which celebrates the beauty and amazingness of the 59 National Parks that the US is home to.

The series will feature 18″x24″ art prints for each of the 59 National Parks, while some parks will also feature variants prints and/or 24"x32" posters in addition. The series already has put out prints for 11 parks, all of which are truly beautiful prints. Additionally, there’s some really talented artists that are contributing to the 59 Park Series. Artists and designers such as John Vogl, Matt Taylor, Thomas Danthony, DKNG, Daniel Danger, Eric Nyffeler, Justin Santora, Dan McCarthy, Telegramme Paper Co., Two Arms Inc., and Brave the Woods have already contributed to the series, and I’m sure many more excellent artists and designers will also contribute to the series moving forward.

As an added bonus, 5% of revenue generated from the print series will be donated to The National Park Service, and the prints will also be archived by the Library of Congress. Awesome.

Head over to the 59 Parks Shop to pick up a print or some other really cool goodies.


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