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The Photography of Syracuse, NY Photographer Doug DuBoisI’m... crss


The Photography of Syracuse, NY Photographer Doug DuBois

I’m quite the fan of Booooooom, which you should absolutely check out if you’re unfamiliar with them, and came across a recent Photographer Spotlight post on Doug DuBois, which provided photos from DuBois’ work from “Avella”. Not to hijack a post of theirs, but I instantly fell in love with the photos of DuBois, as I had never seen his work before. Aside from taking photos that allow the viewer to immerse themselves into the lives of the subject matter, whether it be teenagers in Ireland, familial stress, or a poignant view of everyday life in a town 45 miles outside of Pittsburgh, PA, DuBois is also an associate professor at Syracuse University, which means he’s essentially my next door neighbor (I live in Rochester, NY).

DuBois’ work has been displayed in galleries and museums all over the world, and has been featured in numerous magazines and books. Essentially, I have no excuse for not having seen his work before, since it’s been featured all over the freaking place. 

From more of DuBois’ work, check out his website, and buy some of his books

All photos from My Last Day at Seventeen

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