quinta-feira, setembro 15, 2016

My Goal...


I’ve been away from Tumblr for a little bit. Instagram has caught a lot of my focus, my baby, my wife, YouTube, shooting, editing, etc, etc. I’ve made a decision, though. My decision is to just go hard on everything. I feel like there is a lot I want to say and do, and the only thing that is in my way in that regard is wether I want to work for it. I’m deciding that I do want to work for it. Soooo, if I start spamming you with things, if you feel overwhelmed with me in your feeds I’m not going to be mad if you mute me; but I do encourage you to check back with me and see what’s up. I want to do things that are interesting, and I would love feedback from you as to what you’re liking and what you’re not. I’m excited to see what is at the top of the mountain, but I have to say I’m equally as excited to just get climbing. In any event. Thanks for sticking with me and here goes nothing…

by @nickgerber

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