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Interview with Wood Sculptor, Peter DemetzHow would you describe... crss


Interview with Wood Sculptor, Peter Demetz

How would you describe your creative style?
I think it is very important for my work, to have this contrast between my persons ( I like call them so because they should not be statues, but souled, existing people) and the space around them. The figures has the role to invite the audience to follow them in their own world. The empty walls, clean horizons or wide spaces should be the room for our thoughts. I don’t want to tell stories. The emptiness in my rooms is like a playground for your minds.

What’s your inspiration?
I think there is so much what we communicate with our body, our posture, our individual motions. People tell us a lot about their emotional status through their figures. This is what inspires me. I love using waiting, looking or reflecting people because they tell no stories, they give us a perception of the soul. When they are watching an empty wall or a horizon without landscapes, we, like an audience, can imagine ourselves in the scene. It can be a very intimate moment.  More here  Thanks Jung Katz

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