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Surreal Digital Photomanipulations by Stefano BonazziItalian... crss


Surreal Digital Photomanipulations by Stefano Bonazzi

Italian photographer Stefano Bonazzi creates digital photogmanipulations that are surreal reflections of his view of life.  A translation from his website where he speaks about his works explains:

My characters are unlikely girls with gas masks, businessmen in smart suit or caricatures disturbed vintage fairy tales, but they are first of all archetypes, icons, symbolic representations of a mutant which basically belong status a little or maybe all we would like to belong but that our place in society requires us to disavow, marginalize and narrow as foreign entities from which to distance. http://ift.tt/1RMH2UK 

See our previous post with Stefano Bonazzi’s work.  Thanks to artchipel!

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