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Winner Announced: Electric Objects EO1 GIVEAWAY!

Electric Objects is the digital art platform that’s changing the way we discover, display and collect art for our favorite spaces. EO1 is Electric Objects’ state-of-the-art 23-inch, 1080p digital frame that showcases classic, modern and digital art beautifully whether in a dining room or on a desk; in daylight or darkness. Neither bright nor muted, it’s more of a luminous oil painting that elevates every work of art it displays. The team at Electric Objects is on a mission to make highly personalized digital art experiences available to everyone. Commissioned collections are added to their portfolio every week, giving EO1 users an all-access pass to over 15,000 captivating works of art from classics like Van Gogh to groundbreakers like kyttenjanae. Further personalize your EO1 with your own images, photography, videos, GIFs or anything you find interesting online. Add new art, create playlists and control the display through a slick smartphone app.
Electric Objects is giving away a FREE EO1 to celebrate the launch of their museum collection, which features over 1,000 works from institutions like The Getty, The National Gallery and The New York Public Library. Minuscule Network couldn’t be more excited to partner with a company so committed to bringing a beautiful, 21st century art experience to everyone.

To enter for you chance to win, click here for Gleam! 
We ask one tiny favor: please share this post so others can see and participate. Thanks Tumblr! 

This post is sponsored by Electric Objects.
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Congratulations to Sach Giacomello from CT!

This is the first giveaway in our new program. Follow our blog to stay tuned for future giveaways and other cool things happening in the Minuscule community!!


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