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Patrice Olivier Acardyoutre_part is an instagram gallery of... crss


Patrice Olivier Acardy

outre_part is an instagram gallery of different secret explorations and missions inside the fractal universe, delegated by The NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration] to the explorer/visual artist Patrice Olivier Acardy.       Website


The word “Outre” is a French word which means:  apart from, as well as, in addition to, besides, beyond, further.

The word “Part” is also a French word which means:  portion, piece, and place.

Outre_Part is a word play of the French expression “autre part” which means: somewhere else, elsewhere, otherworldliness, new horizons.

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  • Genesis

“Seeing my work online about fractals, NASA contacted me, very interested to offer me this work of research and exploration.”

 The Interstellar movie directed by Christopher Nolan has much motivated them to commission new types of explorers for new horizons because if this film is about special relativity theory, the film talk mostly about the concept of Imagination by Einstein.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, creates evolution. ”- Albert Einstein

  • Theory

About fractals we don’t know Where and When, despite that the fact is that fractals do indeed exist in a space.

The very core of space exploration is the desire to explore the unknown and to use the knowledge obtained to serve humanity.

So my job is to report and visually demonstrate the existence of new life forms, textures, materials, energy, technology, unknown but existing within this fractal universe. This exploration will answer some more fundamental questions about the place of humans in the universe.

Addressing the challenges related to space exploration that we will improve our knowledge, our technology, create new industries and help create a peaceful setting with the other nations of this universe and beyond.


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