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Paintings by Rinat VoligamsiRinat Voligamsi was born 1968 in... crss


Paintings by Rinat Voligamsi

Rinat Voligamsi was born 1968 in Bashkiria, Russia. Graduated from constructive faculty of Ufa State Petroleum University specialization in Architecture. Since 2000 is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Lives and works in Ufa.

“Canvases by Rinat Voligamsi remind of a black-and-white pictorial review and war-time sketchbooks of the Soviet period. Using the style of an archive document, the artist consummately paints impossible, absurd stories. The ironic, post-conceptualist optics of Rinat Voligamsi demolishes ideological structures of pathos and heroism, and the status of a document confirming reality is doubted by reality itself.”

– Alexander Evangeli

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