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Collages by Finnish visual artist - Ulla Jokisalo

Ulla Jokisalo is a visual artist whose photography-based works are generally collage-like and physical. Her works of art includes photographs, unique paper cutouts, needle punctures and embroidery.  

Jokisalo’s artworks have their own grammar. Right from the start, she has created her own language, whose elements include scissors, needles, pins, threads, gloves, mirrors, eyes, hair and hands sewing. Over the decades, her vocabulary has taken on new meanings and the different parts of speech have begun to form networks of meanings. 

If they are old and well-used, scissors have a powerful emotional charge. They are individuals like people are, and have their own visible history. Scissors are also an aesthetically interesting object. The first time scissors appear in my pictures is at the beginning of the 1980s

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