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Amazing Work of Blind Artist George Redhawk Native American... crss


Lydia Anneli Bleth

Sculpture: Cairn by Celeste Roberge

MASK | Daniel Pham

digital art by Meats Meier

Sculpture : Dale Dunning_"Peel Horizontal"

Original painting by Tomasz Alen Kopera

Amazing Work of Blind Artist George Redhawk

Native American blind artist George Redhawk akaDarkAngelØne (previously 1, 2 )  uses visual aides to create this beautiful GIFs of pieces by his favorite artists.

To create most of my gifs, I am using a photo morphing software which I have been experimenting with, and perfecting over several years. Morphing software is designed to morph one photo to another photo, but a long time ago, I discovered that if I morph a photo to the exact same photo, I could get some pretty amazing movement out of it.
Following the loss of most of my vision, I began to explore this medium as a means to express the world through my damaged sight.

Visit DarkAngelØne‘s official Google+ page to see more incredible gifs and learn more about the man who creates them. 

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